What is a BIO-EFFICIENT approach and why has EQUISTRO® adopted it?

Simply put, it is EQUISTRO®’s commitment to ensure that your horse receives needed nutrients in a form that is biologically in tune with it's own physiology thus empowering your horse to harness its own genetic potential for success…

The time and money invested in the bloodlines selection that will make up the genes of the future winner is only the first step to success. Adapted training, healthcare and nutrition have an equally important role to play. The BIO-EFFICIENT approach adopted by the EQUISTRO® range when developing its nutritional supplements meets these challenges head on.

With more than 75 years of experience and expertise, no one understands better horses physiological and anatomical peculiarities than Vetoquinol, and how these can be influenced at a cellular level by a careful selection of ingredients which respect and exploit each horse's genetic potential.

The BIO-EFFICIENT approach means:

  • Premium quality ingredients with a high biological value
  • An integral understanding of the specialised nutritional requirements of the horse
  • Respecting the nutritional value during formulation, manufacture and shipping

BIO-EFFICIENT ingredients.


These organic nutrients with diverse biochemical functions are vital to the organism. Assimilation and biopotency can vary greatly according to the chemical structure involved.

Herbs and their extracts

A recognised leader in veterinary phytonutrition, Vetoquinol’s savoir-faire of the nutritional potential contained in plants (e.g. bioflavonoids, volatile oils, saponins, vitamins and minerals) is unequalled when it comes to horses. Care is taken to source only the highest quality herbs that conform to recognised pharmacopoeia.

BIO-EFFICIENT formulations.

Attention to palatability. Good acceptance by the horse is essential whether it be added to the feed, drinking water or administered directly into the mouth. Studies in horses have clearly identified certain preferences in terms of flavouring. For this reason All EQUISTRO® products under go palatability studies during development.

Formulation adapted according to intended use and age.

In accordance with the latest recommendations, the ingredients and additives are formulated (powder, pellet or liquid) to ensure an optimal ease of administration with a minimal wastage.

Respect for the ingredients.

Strict handling procedures and state of the art manufacturing facilities ensures that the nutritional value is preserved in the finished product. Cold extrusion techniques are employed during pelleting of certain formulations for this very reason.

BIO-EFFICENT evidence.

Backed by scientific support.

Sound scientific support and clinical trials are performed to evaluate the health promoting value of the EQUISTRO® range.

Meeting the clinical needs of the veterinary surgeon.

EQUISTRO® recognises the need to supply clinical data to support the use of its premium-quality products. It is this recognition and delivery that enables the veterinary surgeon and horse owner alike to use and recommend in confidence the EQUISTRO® range.

Why Equistro?

Equistro is a high quality range of specific nutritional supplements and care products designed to optimise the performance of your 'equine athlete'.


ingredients with a high biological value


to meet the nutritional requirements of horses


products that you can rely on