Product security and quality guaranteed by experts for professionals

In this day and age, the need for assurance concerning product quality is more present than ever.

Vetoquinol Best Practices guarantee responds to this need.

As a leading International Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company, Vetoquinol is no stranger to the Good Manufacturing Practice industry standard that is as pertinent to nutritional supplement manufacturing as it is for all pharmaceutical products. These stringent manufacturing and quality control measures ensure both the horse’s and owner’s (as the person who administers the products) security and safety above all.

In addition to the European industry standards for complementary feeding stuffs, Vetoquinol has added additional measures on a par with those of the pharmaceutical industry that reflect its commitment to quality and peace of mind for the EQUISTRO® horse and its rider.

The Vetoquinol Best Practices guarantee

The 3 steps to complete assurance

Step 1. 

All raw materials are subject to quarantine control upon arrival at Vetoquinol. Additional analytical tests are performed if necessary at this stage. All non-conforming products are refused and sent back to the supplier.

Step 2.

Strict European manufacturing procedures are observed by all personnel involved with the manufacture of the EQUISTRO® range of products ensuring good traceability of every batch and no cross contamination.

All non-conforming products are refused and destroyed.

Step 3. 

The finished product of every EQUISTRO® batch is subjected to GMP quality control and assurance steps thus guaranteeing the quality and safety. Additional analytical tests are performed if necessary at this stage.

Competing in complete confidence...

  • Selective sourcing of premium quality raw materials from internationally reputable suppliers according to clearly defined analytical parameters 
  • Auditing program for raw material and packaging suppliers by Vetoquinol’s Quality assurance team
  • Manufacturing of products in a dedicated, state-of-the-art production facility by operators highly trained nutraceutical manufacturing practices
  • Strict quarantine procedures of finished products prior to analytical results independent laboratory analysis for prohibited substances.

EQUISTRO® and the competing horse

EQUISTRO® from its very outset more than 30 years ago had, and still has, as its primary goal to provide for the specific needs of the competing horse, a nutritional supplement range of premium quality and security that enables the horse to compete without the worries of "anti-doping" issues.

This is why EQUISTRO® strongly advocates the respect of local and international rules that govern competition and Horse racing.

In spite of the additional security measures, the responsibility linked to feeding of a horse that will compete under official rules remains with the person who administrates the feed.

Why Equistro?

Equistro is a high quality range of specific nutritional supplements and care products designed to optimise the performance of your 'equine athlete'.


ingredients with a high biological value


to meet the nutritional requirements of horses


products that you can rely on