The liver: a multifunctional organ

Important in digestion, detoxifying, blood, and protein building, multiple factors can negatively affect the liver’s health, such as small intestinal disease, toxins, blood borne products, viruses and bacteria. Common symptoms of liver disease are jaundice (yellow coloured membranes) and neurological abnormalities.

Equistro brings you the solution

Did you know that...

Most clotting factors are produced in the liver? When this organ fails, prolonged bleeding can pose a risk to your horses’ health. Certain plants, like ragwort, produce liver toxins called pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Usually horses avoid them, but if the pasture is sparse, horses may eat significant amounts. Ingestion of these plants will result in photosensitivity, and may lead to liver failure.

The best ally for your horse's liver!


Contains silybin, the biologically active substance extracted from milk thistle.

It's a potent antioxidant that has been used in human and dogs with liver disease.

Silybin: hope for the hooves?

A recent German study has shown that silymarin (of which silybin is a major active component) extract was able to reduce laminitic changes (founder) in hoof explants immersed in harmful endotoxin.

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