Keep calm,you’ve got Zylkene®

Do you know that feeling when your horse’s focus is everywhere else but in the show ring? Do you want your horse to perform in the show pen like you are riding at home? Does your veterinarian or farrier struggle with your needle shy, terrified four-legged friend?

How can you help your horse deal with stress?

The solution is to identify the problem, and desensitize your horse through proper training and positive reinforcement with the help of products that can decrease stress response without affecting the ability to learn.

For life’s ups and downs, Zylkene® Equine helps keep your horse in stride!

Stop your horse from running a race, before the race!

Zylkene® Equine

Is it effective? Yes!

Zylkene® Equine has been extensively used in Europe and North America over several years with excellent feedback from veterinarians and horse owners. Studies on the Zylkene® molecule have been performed on rats, dogs, cats, horses and people and in two published clinical studies Zylkene® Equine was proven to ease a horse’s transition to a new environment and decrease stress during multiple procedures such as training, veterinary and farrier care.

Is Zylkene® Equine safe? Yes!

  • No known side effects.
  • No disinhibition (loss of inhibition).
  • No reduction of efficacy over time.
  • No development of dependency over time.

Why Equistro?

Equistro is a high quality range of specific nutritional supplements and care products designed to optimise the performance of your 'equine athlete'.


ingredients with a high biological value


to meet the nutritional requirements of horses


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