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Zylkene® Equine


Stop your horse from running a race, before the race!

Zylkene® Equine is a natural calming and anti-anxiety nutraceutical with potential for long term behaviour modification.

Formulated as highly palatable apple flavoured powder, Zylkene® Equine has been extensively used in Europe and North America over several years with excellent feedback from veterinarians and horse owners.


Product Details

Dosage - for a 500 kg (1,100 lbs) horse
1 pouch/day
Long term use: Give for 10-14 days, extend duration as necessary
Short term use: Start 3 days before the anticipated stressful event
Active ingredients
Alpha-casozepine (derived from alpha-tryptic casein)


Is it effective? YES!

Studies on the Zylkene® molecule have been performed on rats, dogs, cats, horses and people.123456 In two published clinical studies,78 Zylkene® Equine was proven to ease a horse’s transition to a new environment and decrease stress during multiple procedures such as training, veterinary and farrier care.

Is Zylkene® safe? YES!

  • No known side effects.
  • No disinhibition (loss of inhibition).
  • No reduction of efficacy over time.
  • No development of dependency over time.
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