What sets EQUISTRO® apart?


Vetoquinol pays particular care and attention to the sourcing of its raw ingredients for its EQUISTRO® range. Many of the ingredients contained within the EQUISTRO® products come from the leaves, fruits or roots of different plants and spices from around the world. Vetoquinol’s strive for quality ensures that only reputable suppliers are used whose materials conform to the relevant Pharmacopoeia imposed standards.


Vetoquinol takes quality control very seriously, for its pharmaceutical products as well as for EQUISTRO® products. The stringent quality control measures from raw ingredients to the finished Equistro product is assured via the Vetoquinol Best Practices guarantee.

Equistro product security is another major preoccupation for the horse racing and affiliated competition communities and hence area of particular attention for Vetoquinol. In an attempt to help clarify the situation, the Equistro Clean Sport programme is in place to accompany the advice from your veterinarian according to the level of competition concerned.


Nutritional supplements can only support and benefit the horse’s health if the target tissues/organs/cells are in fact reached. Vetoquinol’s BIO-EFFICIENT approach is unique in that it collectively focuses on the following points:

  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Excellent formulation palatability
  • Optimal ingredient bioavailability
  • Scientifically backed data
  • State-of- the-art European manufacturing facilities


  • 1986 EQUISTRO® Pharma GmbH founded in Germany.
  • 2001 Become a part of Vetoquinol, the international veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory.
  • 2006 Management and manufacturing transferred to Vetoquinol in Tarare, France.
  • 2011 EQUISTRO® gets a new look, packaging and communication.
  • 2012 Most products reformulated and expansion of the production site dedicated to the EQUISTRO® range.
  • 2013 Range of 45 products manufactured in France and distributed in around 50 countries.
  • 2014 EQUISTRO® becomes the official supplier of the French Equestrian Federation and many champion riders join us, like Kevin Staut, William Fox-Pitt & Ingrid Klimke.
  • 2016 Happy birthday EQUISTRO®: 30 years.
  • 2017 Launch in the US and in Canada


Vetoquinol has a link with animals that few pharmaceutical companies can match.

Vetoquinol is one of the top European veterinary pharmaceutical company. From its creation in 1933 it has been exclusively and passionately dedicated to developing, innovating and manufacturing veterinary medicines and nutritional supplements of the highest quality that each day, all around the world, help to improve the health and welfare of animals.

Researchers and nutritional experts alike, have develop specialised formulations that respect the latest scientific recommendations (National Research Council 2007 - Nutritional requirements of horses).

Nobody understands horses better than Vetoquinol.

This family owned and independent company prides itself on being above all passionate about animals and its desire to push back the veterinary frontiers for the sake of their welfare.  With more than 83 years of experience and acquired expertise in all areas related to horse health and well-being, it was only natural that Vetoquinol reinforced its already incontestable position as a leading nutraceutical expert with the acquisition of the EQUISTRO® range in 2001.

Vetoquinol is unique in its unrelenting strive for innovation, quality and improved nutritional solutions for the horse that only an International Veterinary Pharmaceutical company can provide.

Vetoquinol believes in leading from the front when it comes to helping the veterinarian and horse owner alike to achieve a better understanding of this most noble of animals that was yesterday impossible…

And tomorrow… EQUISTRO® along with the wealth of expertise provided by Vetoquinol will continue to be at the forefront of this quest.

For more information concerning Vetoquinol please visit www.vetoquinol.ca 

Why Equistro?

Equistro is a high quality range of specific nutritional supplements and care products designed to optimise the performance of your 'equine athlete'.


ingredients with a high biological value


to meet the nutritional requirements of horses


products that you can rely on