A horse’s diet is often adequate in protein levels, yet may be deficient in essential amino acids.

This lack, in particular of step-limiting amino acids lysine, methionine and threonine, may altogether prevent proper muscle tissue formation and repair, as well as lead to muscle mass degradation in order for the body to recover the needed amino acids for other functions.

Your horse may be overfed protein and at the same time "starving" for proper quality protein.

An increased requirement for lysine exists in particular for growing and performance horses.
Branched-chain amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, have been shown to increase endurance and are the first choice post- workout booster for muscular tissue both in humans and horses.

Consider Amino Acid Supplementation:

  • When diet is not balanced for lysine and other essential amino acids.
  • In horses with increased muscle tissue turn-over i.e. in tying-up syndromes (PSSM, HYPP).
  • In times of increased demand like strenuous training, growing or heavily muscled horses.

Targeted solutions to keep your horse’s main power source always charged

Myo Power

Fuel for muscles!

Myo Power contains a high quality protein with increased selected amino acid concentration. It provides your horse with many essential amino acids, such as lysine, methionine and threonine, as well as branched chain amino acid L-leucine in its biologically active form.

Leucine has been shown in studies on humans and horses to increase post- exercise utilization of glucose, in particular to replenish energy storage in muscle cells. Myo Power has added glucose, to potentiate energy- producing effect of leucine.

Daily supplementation of as little as 50g of Myo Power provides your horse with building blocks and energy for muscle tissue, and accelerates recovery.

Excell E

A complete solution when needs are greatest!

To be used in times of increased turnover i.e. in tying-up syndromes.

It’s not only the muscular system that requires a high concentration of free radical scavengers. Certain neurological diseases in horses have been associated with Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency.
Selenium deficiency can cause white muscle disease, weakness and muscle atrophy. Many areas in Canada are deficient in this mineral.
Magnesium is involved in the function of over 300 enzymes in the body! Apart from its role in muscle contraction, it helps protect against free radical damage to cells.

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