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Much more than just a biotin supplement!

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Kerabol Biotin is a state-of-the-art combination of three gold standard hoof health ingredients: biotin, zinc and the amino acid methionine.

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Dosage - for a 500 kg (1,100 lbs) horse
15 g/day
Composition (per 15 g)
Biotin (19.5 mg)
Manganese (30 mg)
Methionine (5 g)
Selenium (0.24 mg)
Zinc (100 mg)


Kerabol Biotin provides approximately 20 mg of Biotin per dose!

Studies have shown faster growth of the hoof capsule in horses supplemented with over 15 mg of biotin per day1.

Daily dose contains 20mg of Biotin to increase hoof growth rate and quality; 5g of Methionine which is a building block for hoof keratin, and Zinc, organic Selenium and Manganese which are necessary for proper hoof formation.

From the source to the quantity, each active ingredient of Kerabol Biotin was carefully selected by equine health specialists to support the hoof health of your horse.

With organic, yeast bound Selenium and Manganese

Selenium is a cofactor for many enzymes, and an important free radical scavenger. Selenium deficiency may lead to cracking of the hooves around the coronary band.

Manganese is important for joint cartilage formation and elastic connective tissue within the hoof capsule.

It also contains a very high dose of Methionine to provide the growing hoof with building blocks for keratin production.

1. Buffa, E. A., et al. “Effect of dietary biotin supplement on equine hoof horn growth rate and hardness.” Equine Veterinary Journal 24.6 (1992): 472-474.

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